6 Tips Of Skin Care In Winters


Winters have kicked in, so the dryness of the skin. Skin is the largest organ of our body and this is the first part of our body that gets exposed to cold weather, chilled wind, sunlight, pollution etc. So, we must take care of it in every season.

I will give you 6 tips to follow skin care in winters:

Stay hydrated

The most neglected thing we do in winters is that, though we feel less thirsty, hence we consume less of water. We think that our body also does not need water, but this is not the truth. Ideally, we should have 2-3 liters of fluids intake daily to stay hydrated in any season. Fluids can be in the form of water, tea, coffee, buttermilk, soup etc.

Do moisturize your skin

The second most essential routine we can follow skin cis to moisturize it properly. In winters, if we don’t moisturize skin properly, it tends to lose it’s elasticity, though gives birth to wrinkles. So, it’s essential to keep the skin moisturized.

Benefits of having seasonal veggies

The green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits also keep your skin hydrated and provides essential vitamins to your skin in winters. It keeps your skin glowing naturally. Do have daily dose of your vitamins through these veggies and fruits in your diet.

Get your dose of omega-3 fats

As per Dr. Mercola, a well-known physician in US, if your top of the hands are not smooth and soft, then you may be lacking this essential fats in your diet.  These essential fatty acids are found in olive oil, walnuts, salmon, canola oil, chia seeds.

Massage therapy

A good massage can do wonders to your skin during winters. Choosing the best oil suited for your skin, your skin will feel rejuvenated, plus it can work as mood booster too, leaving winter blues behind. You can use jojoba oil, primrose oil, sesame oil, olive oil, virgin coconut oil, almond oil to make your skin feel rich in having nutrients such as vitamin A and E to further boost your immunity too.

Avoid chemical-filled soaps

Chemical-filled products strip down your skin of natural oil and hence making it more dry. To avoid this, you should use herbal products to keep natural oil of your skin intact. There are so many organic and natural products available in the market for this purpose. Treat your skin gently, don’t be harsh on it by using unnecessary chemicals over it.


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